About me

Stephanie Howes graduated with honors from the BA (Hons) Arts & Media course at UCA, Farnham in 2012. The Arts & Media course is a unique interdisciplinary course which includes Animation, Fine Art, Photography and Video. Stephanie certainly benefited from this broad range of subjects, but it became very evident early in her studies that she has a particularly strong passion for Animation. She devoted  the bulk of her studies in the second and third years to Animation projects and Animation theory, displaying both highly advance knowledge and abundant creative skills. She mastered numerous advanced techniques during her second year, and in her final year scripted and created an impressive animated film production which was both challenging and intriguing. Stephanie impressed me and my colleagues with her strong creative and technical skills, her pleasant personality and mature attitude. She also works exceptionally well as a member of a creative team, She is highly committed, dedicated and professional and ideally suited for a career in Animation. Without any reservation, I warmly recommend Stephanie as a highly gifted individual with a great creative potential to any employer, institution, project or production in the field of  Animation.

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